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Essential oils have gained massive popularity in the last decade, but have been around for centuries. Personally, they have only been part of my life for a few years. After breaking my pelvis in a motorbike accident in 2015, I was in search of a pain reliever that didn’t disrupt my digestion, mood or energy. I had a lot of knowledge about holistic nutrition, but didn’t pay much attention to other areas of my life. Essential oils were not on my radar. It wasn’t until a friend invited me to an essential oil introductory class that I learned about all the amazing benefits oils have. To be honest, prior to this I thought they were a bit of a hoax. I had no idea they could be used for so many ailments and replace so many toxic products in the home.

That all changed when the presenter passed around a bottle of deep blue for each of us to try. I applied a bit on my neck and lower back, where most of my pain came from. Within seconds I could feel the oils going to work. Still with some skepticism, I left to do my own research on essential oils and focused my search on doTERRA.

I was astounded by the amount of research done on PURE essential oils. I was also amazed to learn just how incredible doTERRA is as a company.

Shortly after the introductory class, I called up the presenter and ordered the Home Essentials Kit. I knew I had a lot to learn, but wanted oils in my life. I was already passionate about reducing toxins in my diet, so why wouldn’t I apply those same principles in the other areas of my life?

Initially, I started using the oils for pain management. As my curiosity grew, I began using them to replace a few cleaning products in my home and added them to my skin care routine. They also became a regular part of my evening routine.

“For the first time in my life, after the accident I struggled with falling and staying asleep. A few drops of lavender and frankincense in the diffuser before bed finally provided me with the rest my body so desperately needed.”

After gaining more and more trust by using these oils daily, I started to look at using them for emotional support. This is when my healing journey really took a turn. I was already working with a psychologist who diagnosed me with PTSD, anxiety and depression as a result of the accident. But the oils were one of the most powerful modalities in my wellness toolbox that helped me daily. They offered my nervous system the support it needed as I implemented the healing recommendations from my therapist.

Naturally, I began to share my newfound knowledge with friends, family and nutrition clients. The incredible response is what led me to where I am today, combining my services of essential oil education and nutrition so I can offer my clients the full spectrum of holistic living.

So, if you are like me and see value in using nature’s gifts to manage pain, reduce inflammation, boost immunity, increase energy, and replace toxic cleaning and personal hygiene products, then I invite you to join me on this journey!

This journey is for you if:

  • You are tired of being sold products and left to your own devices to know how to use them
  • You want guided support to EASILY and EFFECTIVELY introduce natural solutions into your home
  • You want an affordable solution as you transition your household to toxic-free products
  • You want to improve your health while also making a positive impact on the environment
  • You want to make changes without feeling overwhelmed or confused
  • You want more energy to accomplish your ambitious goals

As an essential oil customer, you will receive:

  • 60-minute wellness consultation where we’ll review your health concerns, goals and customize your essential oil routine
  • Wholesale costs on all doTERRA products (25% savings)
  • Access to the private Aromas & Avocados Facebook Community with daily essential oil education, additional resources, and support from myself and other essential oil advocates
  • Nutrition guidance with meal plans, recipes and tips
  • Essential oil DIY recipes
  • Exclusive access to online programs and e-books on holistic living
  • Continued education and guidance from me as you continue your wellness journey

I met Ardelle at an open hose before Christmas, right away she was so approachable. At the time I was new to essential oils, now I use my oils every day to aid in building my immune system. She has this beautiful way of making me feel so comfortable. Listening to all my concerns are and asking questions to confirm she fully understood, then she had suggestions and was great at taking the time to explain things as I had question. Ardelle worked with me to make sure I fully understood what she was suggesting and how it will help me. I can’t imagine a day without my oils, thank you Ardelle for teaching me how to love my body with essential oils.

Amanda Luke

You have a few options to get started.

1. You can also choose to start with a retail account and order products at full price.
2. You can start with a wholesale customer annual membership for $42 which will give you access to all doTERRA products at 25% off. You can then customize a kit by adding on whatever you like.
3. The biggest savings is with an enrollment kit, which will include your annual wholesale customer membership for free and additional savings on the products in the kit. 

Use the simple questionnaire below to help you figure out which kit is best for you. If at the end of the questionnaire you still aren’t sure,  simply book a free discovery call with me by clicking here.  You can also check out my FAQ page to learn more about what a doTERRA customer experience is like and some questions you may have around purchasing oils. 

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  • Choose the warehouse you would like to order from. As a Canadian customer you can choose to order from Canada (in CAN $) or the US (in US $). There are some items not yet available in Canada but on every order, you can select either warehouse. So if you want to order from Canada on your first order and the US on your next one you can do that!
  • Select what kit you’d like to order. If you just want to start with a couple of oils instead of a kit you can do that by first selecting the $42 CAN / $35 US doTERRA Essential Oil Usage Guide (aka- wholesale customer membership). Purchasing a kit waives this membership fee. Having an annual membership will give you the wholesale cost (25% savings)
  • Customize your kit by adding on whatever products you like. You can choose from our large selection of essential oils, non-toxic skincare + personal hygiene products, cleaning products and supplements.
  • Enter your personal information. 
  • At *Enroller ID*, enter my number: 2739236
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  • Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.

Once your payment processes, I’ll be notified and get in touch to officially welcome you. I’ll also invite you to schedule your ‘Getting Started’ Overview which will get you orientated with your essential oil lifestyle, and we can delve further into your long-term vision for your wellness, and how essential oils can support you.



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