Group Coaching

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”
John C. Maxwell

Hands up if any of these apply to you:

  • You are so busy you skip meals and justify it by saying you are experimenting with intermintent fasting. Friends, we call this lifestyle fasting
  • You have purchased your 25th ultra cute water bottle thinking it will do the trick to get you to actually drink some water
  • If you had a dollar for every time you said something negative about yourself you would have enough to retire
  • Your phone has become your best friend. It is the first thing you see in the am and the last thing you look at before bed
  • The lines between work and other life have become quite blurred…you are counting down the days until it’s the weekend again
  • You are convincing yourself that, that piece of lettuce you had on your sandwich is considered one of your servings of veggies
  • You are hitting the snooze button 853 times before actually getting out of bed
  • You see everyone post about how great meditation is for stress so you give it a try but then sitting and doing nothing for 10 minutes has you all stressed out and you just end up thinking about all the things you should be doing right now
  • At this point your lack of activity is confusing your Fitbit with whether or not you are alive anymore

Hands up if you have any of the following:

  • lack of energy
  • fatigue
  • mood swings
  • irritability
  • joint discomfort
  • bloated and gassy
  • dull dry skin, hair and nails
  • frequent illness

Now I want you to take a minute and start envisioning what a healthy YOU looks like.

Hands up if any of these visions came up for you:

  • You walk into the kitchen with confidence that you can prepare a healthy meal
  • Movement is second nature to you and each day you prioritize time to be active
  • You understand the importance of self-care and make a point to schedule it in daily, even if it’s only 10 minutes
  • Stress may be present in your life but you have effective tools to help manage it
  • You just drink your water, no tricks needed, it’s just habit now
  • You have started to become more conscious of the products you use in your home and even tried a DIY recipe or 2, saving you time and money
  • You treat yourself with love and compassion, in fact, you can say that you truly LOVE yourself
  • Your newfound health has opened the door to so many more opportunities and ambitions

If you are still doubting it, I need to remind you that this is possible and that YOU ARE WORTH IT.

And guess what? The process in creating this transformation doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. You can do this by implementing very simple daily healthy habits. The Daily Healthy Habits Group Program not only offers you the health that you have always wanted but also a supportive community rooting for you every step of the way.

READ WHAT SOME OF OUR PAST PARTICIPANTS haD to say about the program

The 4-week group program will cover the following topics


  1.  Nutrition education and easy meal prep tips
  2. Recipe booklets for all types of nutrition requirements including dairy free and gluten free
  3. A simple supplement foundation to ensure you are getting adequate nutrients so your body can function optimally
  4. Stress management techniques 
  5. Tips on creating evening and morning routines
  6. An introductory guided meditation
  7. A simple at home, no equipment 15-minute workout
  8. Suggestions for how to use all products in the kit
  9. Introduction to converting products in the household to greener/non-toxic products
  10. DIY Recipes for essential oils
  11. BONUS 60-minute wellness consult so I can help you personalize suggestions for your health needs

The program will take place in a private Facebook group where we will have numerous Live videos and daily support to answer questions, share tips and education. If you don’t have Facebook then we can email you the information, however, the experience in the group is worth creating a Facebook account for!

It’s good to have a health goal but my intention with the Daily Healthy Habits group program is to teach you a system that you will actually LOVE that gets you to your goal AND more importantly teach you to maintain it so that you can continue acheiving goals and design the life you dreamed of.

Now if you are thinking I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into a strict routine with boring habits, that is not what we are doing here. I want to help you implement habits that contribute to creating the best version of you so that all the big, ambitious goals you have in your life are easier to attain because you have the energy and health to achieve them! Making the fundamentals for life easier frees up cognitive space and effort to do more creative, exciting things.

And remember it isn’t just about achieving the goal, it is about who you become in the process. It’s about enjoying the journey.

All you need for this program is doTERRA’s Daily Healthy Habits Kit. You read that right my friend. all the things listed above are included with the purchase of the below kit!

And here’s what’s included in this collection:

Lifelong Vitality Pack: the foundational supplement program that is doTERRA’s #1 product! It’s packed with bio-available food nutrients, omegas, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins + minerals delivered in a balanced + absorbable way (aka no neon urine).

Terrazyme: this powerful blend of 10 active whole food enzymes helps your food digest, absorb + eliminate properly. Check out the Terrazyme oatmeal experiment

Deep Blue Rub: Do you hate that sore muscle feeling after you workout? Work this baby into your traps or any sore areas and voila! It’s like magic – you won’t know what you did without it.

PB Assist Probiotic: Have you heard that your gut is your second brain? Repair your gut lining, plant the right soil and everything starts working better! This probiotic is unique as a double layer capsule of pre-biotic fibre + 6 strains of probiotics to deliver 6 billion CFUs. Note: the PB Assist is currently only avail as a purchase from the US warehouse.
(see pricing structure further down)

5ml Balance Blend: dab onto pulse points, bottoms of feet + breathe in to feel grounded and relaxed

5ml Lemon: the cleansing powerhouse! Add to drinking water, make cleaners, remove stains, purify the air

5ml Frankincense: promote healthy cell growth internally + glowing skin by making a skin oil

5ml Lavender: The calming queen! Use for all things skin topically and aromatically to sleep better + relax

5ml On Guard: The immune system supporter: diffuse to clean the air, rub on bottoms of feet, use it to clean with and take internally

All of the 5ml bottles have approx 85 drops each



You can order this kit from the US or Canadian Warehouse but I am going to suggest getting the US kit so you get the incredibly beneficial probiotics (the probiotics aren’t available in Canada just yet). 

For current customers: $196USD
For new customers: $206.75USD 

For current customers: ***Coming Soon
For new customers: ***Coming Soon

Have some questions?

And if you don’t need to chat because you are ready to uplevel your health one habit at a time then click the link below to order your kit! I will be in touch with you soon smile

I am so excited to create daily healthy habits together that will set you up for a lifetime of success!!!