The world of health and wellness is confusing and overwhelming.

How amazing would it be if you could take one SMALL step at a time to see HUGE transformation?!
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Here’s how you can stop dieting for good and finally start building self-nurturing rituals that create lasting transformation

If you’re reading this right now, you need to hear this. I have been where you are. I have felt defeated and resentful towards all the time and money I have wasted on previous diets, health protocols and supplements. I even tried taking a more natural approach by seeking out the advice from holistic practitioners.

But time and time again I left with a long list of recommendations, no clue on how to implement it all and a bad case of buyer’s remorse.

Most trends, formulas and systems out there are designed for results only. They ignore the importance of actually being able to one, enjoy the process and two, sustain the change.

And that’s a recipe for disaster.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve got a stockpile of gadgets or expensive supplements, shakes or powders that are collecting dust or coming close to their expiration dates
  • You sign-up for challenges or programs only to lose interest or motivation after a few days because life is busy
  • Your body feels sluggish and achy
  • You have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night
  • You crave sweet or salty foods all the time
  • You forget to drink water most days
  • You feel like your life is on autopilot like you’re going from one minute to the next
  • You’re irritable and short-fused
  • Your brain is foggy and you can’t focus
  • You need stimulants to get you going
  • Gas and bloating seems to be happening much more often

If you suffer from any or all of these, what you need isn’t another diet or protocol, what you need is self-care that consists of daily rituals. It’s less work than you might think.

When you build confidence by incorporating one habit at a time to nourish your body, mind and spirit as a whole, reaching your health goals will be attainable and exciting!

Once you’ve developed the right rituals you’ll always have a compass to help you navigate your health no matter what life throws at you.

Arise and fulfill your destiny

with a complete habit-building program that gives you the blueprint to adding daily rituals to your life so that you can get off the diet train and start creating lifelong results.



This program will help you rise to the occasion and start giving your body the key tools it needs to function optimally.

In this program, you’ll discover: 

      • What mindset hacks you need for growth and expansion
      • How to get a good night’s rest so you have the energy and mental clarity you need to make decisions for your wellness
      • How to manage your mood and stress levels like a boss
      • How to exercise and move your body in a way that you actually look forward to
      • How to eat for more energy, less cravings and better moods
      • Save time with simple recipes and meal-prep strategies
      • Supercharge your pantry with key staples that keep you fueled and balanced
      • How to build a wellness cabinet so that you always have a go-to natural solution for specific symptoms
      • How to easily create a healthy home with products that are safe for you and the environment
      • Sacred self-care rituals that you can fit in on the busiest of days

Over 12 weeks in our go-at-your-own pace program, you will implement one carefully chosen habit each week. These habits will be enhanced with natural, pure and effective wellness tools that you will actually use! As many of us are used to living in high stressful states, a good supplement and essential oil regime will bring your body back into balance. They can bridge the gap while you are trying to incorporate new habits, and then continue to support you along your journey.

No matter the size of the wave, your habits will be anchored.  

What you get…

 ️✔ 12 Weeks of videos prompting and guiding you in creating one new habit per week

A new worksheet each week to accompany the video and keep you motivated with your new habit

️ Simple, tasty and nourishing recipe books for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

️ Natural and non-toxic DIY recipes for the body and home

️  Wellness tools for each month that will enhance your habits including high-grade supplements, essential oils and non-toxic household and self-care products

✔ Access to the Arise Facebook community for additional support and accountability


✔ Access to guest speakers who are the experts in areas such as meditation, yoga nidra, hormone health, personal training, pain management and so much more

✔ 1:1 VIP Coaching special pricing

✔  Free product each month





  • Lifelong Vitality (LLV)- vitamin/mineral/omega/ antioxidant kit
  • Terrazyme – digestive enzymes
  • Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • On Guard Essential Oil
  • Balance Essential Oil
  • Deep Blue Rub

$250.00 CAN +GST and shipping

(Option to purchase from the US which will include probiotics)


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  • Lifelong Vitality (LLV)- vitamin/mineral/omega/ antioxidant kit
  • Terrazyme
  • Smart + Sassy Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Wild Orange Essential Oil
  • BONUS: Free product of the month

$202.91  CAN +GST and shipping




  • Lifelong Vitality (LLV)- vitamin/mineral/omega/ antioxidant kit
  • Terrazyme
  • On Guard Cleaning Concentrate
  • Charcoal Mud Mask
  • Adaptiv Oil
  • BONUS: Free product of the month

$222.34 CAN +GST and shipping


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to re-tune your body, mind and spirit.

Join the Arise Program

Simply follow these two steps:


Choose to order your Healthy Habits Kit from either Canada or US (US kit comes with probiotics)



Once ordered, come back here and fill out this form

This is a very important step and your registration will not be complete if you forget this step!

Now if you are thinking, “I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into a strict routine with boring habits,” that is not what we are doing here. I want to help you implement habits that contribute to creating the best version of you so that all the big, ambitious goals you have in your life are easier to attain because you have the energy and health to achieve them!

And remember it isn’t just about achieving the goal, it is about who you become in the process. You have permission to ENJOY the journey! 

Here’s what people are saying about the Arise program


Do I have to order the monthly wellness tools?

Yes you do, and here’s why. After years of consulting on nutrition and essential oils, I saw how overwhelmed people felt in getting started with both areas. This is why we created this program. We wanted to make it super simple to experience the healing properties of essential oils + supplements while also creating healthy habits! When you combine the benefits of pure, safe and effective products with healthy habits + rituals, you are able to target all areas of wellness and set you up for lifetime success. 

Do I have to pay for the products in addition to the content of the program?

Nope! We really wanted to make this as accessible as possible so all of the coaching and content for the 12 weeks is included in the price of the monthly wellness kits. 

Will I be required to order every month?

To receive the content of the program, you are agreeing to order 3 month’s of the suggested products. Failure to do so will result in being removed from the program.  After those 3 months, it will be your choice to continue. However, we will show you the incredible benefits of continuing to order from doTERRA and how you can save a ton of money by switching many of your every-day items over to effective, non-toxic solutions.

Those who do not order the products will be removed from the program.

How will I order the next month's kits?

Once you have ordered the first month’s kit, you will get a wholesale customer account with doTERRA. After purchasing you will also get access to the content of the program which will explain how to order each month’s kits in the START HERE module.

Will I have lifetime access to the content?

Yes, as long as you remain a customer of Aromas & Avocados and have ordered the 3 month’s wellness kits, you will remain in the program and be able to come back to it anytime you need!

How do I get the 1:1 VIP coaching at a discounted price?

The program is designed for you to go at your own-pace but if you are looking to tailor it a bit more to your individual needs, you can purchase 1:1 consults with me at a discount. Once you are logged into the member vault, there will be a module to book 1:1 VIP coaching with me. 

I already have a doTERRA customer account, can I still join?

If you are a customer of Aromas & Avocados, you simply log in to your account and order the Healthy Habits kit and once you do, then fill out this form

If you are a customer with someone else, reach out to me. Click the ‘let’s chat’ button below. 

I really want to join but I have a lot of the products already

You can still join us! Make sure you order whatever you don’t have from the Month 1 Wellness Tools list and then add on whatever you like to make up the 125 PV minimum. You still need to fill out this form with your order confirmation code to receive access. *See previous question if you are not a current customer of Aromas & Avocados

Will I get access to all of the week's content at once?

For your best interest, we designed this program to drip the content one week at a time. That way you won’t be overwhelmed. Log back in to your membervault each week to access that week’s new module. 

I am so excited about creating daily healthy habits together to set you up with a lifetime of success!

Have more questions?



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