Why We Don’t Sleep Next to Each Other


August, 2019

When we stopped sleeping next to each other it was painful. I had to do it though.

I had to stop bringing my phone to the bedroom and have it be the last thing I saw at the end of the night and first thing in the morning!

It was interfering with my sleep and therefore reducing my productivity the following day. I would find myself saying often, “if only there were more hours in the day.” Can you relate? I remember listening to a podcast that talked about the behaviors of successful people in that they all woke up at 5 am. As much as I wanted to join the 5 am club I knew I wouldn’t do it unless I got a good night’s rest. I’m that girl that needs to spend 8 hours in Snoozeville.


The first step to waking up early was implementing an evening routine. So, I made the commitment to retire my phone in the kitchen at 8 pm. Then I’ll start writing a list of the top priorities for the next day. I’ll add a few drops of my favorite essential oils into my diffuser next to my bed so that by the time I am ready to fall asleep the room is filled with a relaxing aroma. In that hour before bedtime I like to reserve time for my skincare routine, light reading and gratitude journaling…if I haven’t already starting see the back of my eyelids.

And then its lights out and I am taking a trip to Dreamtown. Then 8 hours later when I hear my alarm go off in the kitchen, I will wake up feeling ready to conquer my day.

“The first step to waking up early was implementing an evening routine.”

Creating an evening routine can be your ticket to Snoozeville, and in turn help you achieve your goals. You just have to find the right routine that works for you!

Want some suggestions for evening routines? Download my guide for 3 Easy Evening Routines that will leave you waking up with energy!




How many times have you set your alarm extra early because you heard of the correlation of waking up early with success? But once that alarm goes off there is no way you are getting your butt out of bed because you needed to watch another episode of Schitt’s Creek…so you hit the snooze button 342 times before actually getting up.

You can’t have an early morning routine without an evening routine!! A better night’s rest means easier time joining the 5 am club of incredibly successful people. Enter your email to get the easy-to-follow scripts.