Where to Start:
Evening Routine or Morning Routine


August, 2019

How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning?

Let me guess, you hit it one too many times, slept in too late and had to rush out of the house, maybe even missed breakfast. And did I just catch you mid yawn?

That’s okay, you can just grab another cup of coffee and push yourself through the remainder of your day while trying your hardest not to give in to those sugary cravings. And maybe, and that is a BIG maybe, you might go to the gym after work. Aaaah screw it, maybe you’ll go tomorrow. Or better yet, you will set your alarm an hour earlier and workout in the morning, like you have been trying to for the last few weeks.

Nah, no you won’t because Netflix will get the best of you and you will stay up too late…and repeat today all over again tomorrow. Am’right? Does this sound familiar?

Well how are we going to fix this? How are we going to get you checking off your list of to-dos and goals like a boss?!

The first step isn’t in the perfect morning routine like the ones you hear that millionaires, CEO’s and other super accomplished people have. It’s actually in the evening routine. Without a good night’s rest, that morning routine just won’t happen.

Sleep is CRITICAL to the success of your health goals, professional goals and personal goals. Not to mention good quality sleep can improve blood pressure, cholesterol, mood, concentration and energy.  It can also balance your stress hormone, cortisol and regulate the hormones responsible for appetite.

“Without a good night’s rest, that morning routine just won’t happen.”

Imagine yourself waking up with ease, excitement and dare I say it?

Without the snooze button!

Think about just how different your day would be with more energy. You gotta make time for that evening routine friends.

For more information on how to improve your energy by implementing a sleep routine, download my guide below!



How many times have you set your alarm extra early because you heard of the correlation of waking up early with success? But once that alarm goes off there is no way you are getting your butt out of bed because you needed to watch another episode of Schitt’s Creek…so you hit the snooze button 342 times before actually getting up.

You can’t have an early morning routine without an evening routine!! A better night’s rest means easier time joining the 5 am club of incredibly successful people. Enter your email to get the easy-to-follow scripts.