People say the nicest things!

Ardelle is a breath of fresh air! Her expertise and energy is a refreshing change in the word of business. I cant thank her enough for all of the knowledge she has given me on essential oils. She took the time to learn what my health concerns were and then created an easy to follow plan for me to use my new oils. I cant recommend her enough. 

Melissa Mitchell

Ardelle is an amazing wellness professional AND an amazing human being. I am so glad I attended her wellness class on essential oils in 2017 which is when I first met her! I was blown away at the knowledge she shared on how practical and easy it is to start using essential oils and natural products made with them. Ardelle has a wealth of knowledge she passionately shares with her clients not only on wholesome nutrition, but also on how to build a healthy and fun relationship with your food! She has such a vibrant energy and I am so grateful for the expertise I get from her on foods and toxin free living. I highly recommend Ardelle!

Harjot Mann

I can’t say enough good things about Ardelle! She is a beautiful soul filled with powerful knowledge around how to create a foundation of health taking a natural approach. She will help you seek clarity around creating a sustainable relationship with food, and take you on a journey of loving your body from the inside out. She is doing incredible things in the community through wellness initiatives including the Health Collective YEG, for which I am grateful! If you want someone to help you on a personal level as an individual, and tailor to your unique lifestyle; I highly recommend her work!

Jenny Jen

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I highly recommend Ardelle’s services! I have PCOS and was looking for a nutritional plan to suit my needs. She was very knowledgeable and supportive. She not only created amazing meal plans, but she also helped me through the more emotional side of things (which is very important with PCOS). Thank you Ardelle for being so amazing!

Isabelle Reid

Ardelle was absolutely fabulous. I had a specific medical condition that she catered my dietary needs and concerns too with total understanding and precision. This serious condition I’ve been dealing with for 4 years and she has helped me mitigate it by 80% and be able to live a very normal life again. I will be forever thankful to her.
I was very impressed with how Ardelle really took the time to analyze what my conditions were and help design both a dietary and supplement program to deal with my condition. Thank you very much Ardelle!!

Tony Sestito

Meeting Ardelle was another step in my healing process when I was seeking a holistic approach to my nutritional needs. I came to her with the hopes of improving my increasing digestive issues and she listened. She was very thorough, understanding my issues and recommended a specific test to verify her suspicions and she was 100% correct. With Ardelle’s help, she created a meal plan and wonderful easy to make recipes to aid in my recovery and now along with her support and the help of many other holistic professionals I am on a clear path. Thank you Ardelle for also helping me to learn how to reduce my stress and listen to my body. To take time for myself. You are a very kind and beautiful spirit that I am so grateful to have the pleasure of working with.

Shannon Huot

Ardelle’s knowledge with nutrition, exercise, essential oils and health overall is beyond exceptional. In the 14 years that I have known her, she has always helped me overcome any health issues or bumps in the road that I have encountered.

Her recipes are so delicious and she makes healthy eating fun! I will always use Ardelle’s services and will always recommend her to anyone looking to better themselves!

Rebecca Spring

I had the pleasure of working with Ardelle. Her meal plans were extremely easy to follow. It provided me a direct schedule to follow and what and when to prep. It took the thinking out of it. As a single dad this made life easy. The food was delicious and recipes were easy to follow. It taught me how to balance my meals and days. I began eating food I never thought I would and it was delicious. Ardelle was great to work with. With a simple phone call she was able to make adjustments to my plans to allow for success. If you’re looking for someone to work with you and show you the proper and healthy way to eat Ardelle is the one!!!

Cody Kelly

“Working with Ardelle is life-altering in the best way. I walked into my first appointment listing off the same old goals that I was never able to achieve on my own, and walked away from my sessions with practical ideas and suggestions, and most importantly, a solid understanding of why her suggestions would work.

I really enjoyed my nutritional consults with Ardelle and always left her office feeling like I had the means to deal with whatever tricky situation was happening in my life that week, and a little bit more motivation and inspiration to keep me going. She started instructing me to make small but important changes in my diet and lifestyle that snowballed into a different way of thinking about diet and wellbeing that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

I really appreciate that Ardelle leaves no question unanswered, and she is a wealth of information. She sent me countless resources including suggestions to improve overall wellness, mindfulness, and meal plans that were easy to stick to with recipe guides that helped me (one of the worst cooks) make breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that kept through the week (and kept me interested).

Ardelle is genuinely concerned about the well-being of her clients, and it shows through her dedication to ensuring that their consultations are completely individualized and meaningful for her clients. Thanks so much! I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Shannon L.

“I believe in acknowledging exceptional service and this is what Ardelle provided to me every visit. On many occasions, when I felt like giving up, she encouraged me in such a way that kept me motivated, helped me to overcome my disappointments, and to continue on my weight loss journey.

Not only was she encouraging, but also the vast amount of knowledge in nutrition she holds is extremely beneficial. Ardelle is a gem!

I would recommend any friends who are interested in changing their lifestyle to do a program with Ardelle!”

Annette K.

“With Ardelle’s coaching, I have developed a much deeper understanding of the importance of nutrition and its relationship to my overall health. At the beginning, she helped me connect the dots between hydration, rest, exercise, stress management, digestion and meals with my energy levels during the day.

Ardelle’s approach was flexible enough to accommodate my travel schedule and food preferences while being firm enough to be effective. Her meal suggestions were very tasty but perhaps the best endorsement I can give is her supportive and positive attitude!

I feel great from head to toe and my energy level stays even all day.”

Rodney P.

“She was positive and while direct about her advice, she also was flexible and understood the constraints of my life. I felt that she listened and responded quickly. I received tons of recipes and ideas.

Other areas of my life were addressed – not just food. She definitely has a holistic approach in her coaching. For anyone wanting to feel healthier, more energetic, sleep better and perhaps lose a little weight, Ardelle will provide many tools to assist you.

She takes a very person to person approach with regular meetings and email access at any time. You will receive so many recipes and ideas for food, links to websites and products, and positive support and encouragment.

This will be a true investment in your own well-being. I would recommend this gift to yourself and your family.”

Sally D.

“Ardelle was a wealth of knowledge. It was a pleasure to work with her and receive her helpful hints and encouragement.

She has given me some great tips and advice that I continue to use on a daily basis.

She has taught me that I need to change my thinking regarding diets and instead think about pursuing a healthy lifestyle.”

Judy K.



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