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"Recognizing that I do have worth in the world even if I don’t fit the “typical mold” of what women should look like. If I’m comfortable with myself, others will be too."

From joining the program I have a better relationship with food. I have a better relationship with myself! I feel better in my body and feel like I can listen to its cues and messages both when it comes to my weight and my health.


You've got questions? I have answers!

I am not a registered nutritionist/dietician. I am certified in holistic nutrition and completed an Intuitive Eating and Body Image mentorship program. 

We are not in-network with insurance, however, if you have any out-of-network nutrition benefits (ie. wellness spending account) you may be eligible for coverage. It is up to you to check with your company. *Note: I am not a registered dietician.

While I’d love to meet all my clients in person, I’m on a mission to help thousands of women across the globe to break free from chronic dieting and disordered eating, which is why at this time 100% of my practice is virtual. The consults will take place in a cozy Zoom room.

While many of my clients are not happy in their bodies and would like to lose weight, this is not the focus or goal of our sessions.

We will talk about your desire to change your weight and your feelings about your body. We will not be using weight as an indicator of success or progress.

It’s important to note that any program or service that claims to be anti-diet yet still focuses on weight loss is in fact a diet. 

No I do not. If you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder you should seek out the guidance of a registered dietician who is specifically certified to work with eating disorders. 

Yes! I have done many talks on topics regarding intuitive eating, intuitive wellness and body image. If this is something you’re interested in, send me a note using the form above with the details of your event.  

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