About Me

Hey there, I'm Ardelle

I’m on a mission to help you be at peace with food and your body so you can make simple things simple again, while living your most authentic life!

Because whether or not you believe it right now – you deserve to be seen, nourished and have your unique imprint on this world. And it would be a damn shame for diet culture to keep this from you.

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Losing weight is not your life's purpose...

despite diet and wellness culture telling you otherwise. And after being told this almost your whole life, it makes sense that your brain is giving you the ultimate fight in trying to think and live differently. 

But deep, deep down you feel this nudge telling you that there’s another way. This nudge (ahem your intuition) knows that you deserve to live life now, not 10, 25 or 50 lbs from now. It knows that when you learn to quiet the noise of diet culture and turn up your intuition (and help your brain actually listen to it 😉), you’ll untap your fullest potential. You’ll stop missing out and start creating the life of your dreams. Heck, you might even have photo documentation of YOU.


My Core Values

These values are my work’s compass and are infused in everything I do.


"I haven't been this happy and healthy in years!"

Ardelle has helped me see that my worth isn’t connected to my weight. She’s guided me in being able to connect to my body and know how to treat it with respect, love and compassion.

find body AND FOOD freedOM

My story probably sounds similar to yours.

In efforts of trying to fit in, teen Ardelle was a victim of diet culture too. I embarked on a long journey trying diet after diet. I even worked for a weight loss center for almost 8 years thinking I found the maximum level of accountability 😬. Instead, I just saw hundreds of women face the same struggles I did, where the weight (and shame) always found its way back. 

Thinking I was just focusing on the wrong thing, I got certified in Holistic Nutrition where I replaced the weight obsession with a health obsession.  And again, I saw the same struggles in my clients. 

Nothing ever felt like it was going to be enough…

I started to live my life with a subconscious level of fear. Fearful that I was one bite away from developing an illness and it would be all my fault. But deeper than that, the fear of being unhealthy was actually a fear of gaining weight. Managing this fear required all of my energy. And just when I thought I “had it” a new wellness trend or diet would come out claiming it was the best.

I was cutting out food groups for no apparent reason other than the fact that I read somewhere it was “bad” for you. As stressful as this was for me, I can’t even begin to tell you the impact this had on my partner and my relationship. The poor guy would tremble when it was his night to make dinner. Oh and don’t even get me started on the stress grocery shopping was. 

As the wellness space grew on social media so did my belief that we are 100 percent in control of our health. Despite my best intentions, I didn’t realize the level of shame this was producing. 

Then I hit diet-rock-bottom. 

With all my best efforts I became very ill. How could I as a holistic nutritionist get so sick? It became apparent to me that my pursuit of health was costing me my health. Something needed to change.

That’s when I discovered intuitive eating and body acceptance.  

Truth be told, this wasn’t my first introduction to intuitive eating. I tried reading Intuitive Eating by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole while I was in holistic nutrition school but it challenged my identity of being the ‘clean eater’ that I quickly put it away. But this time I was ready and thank the stars for that. 

My journey of healing my relationship with food and my body restored my self-trust. And when you live knowing you have the answers inside you, you develop unshakeable confidence. 

This journey came with many highs, lows, u-turns and pitstops. I figured it out eventually and enrolled in an Intuitive Eating mentorship so that with my lived experience and professional training I could offer my clients a much faster route

Today that framework, The Authentic Appetite Method, is what allows me and all my clients- admirable humans like you, to embrace wellness without obsession. It’s allowed us to make simple things like grocery shopping, cooking, eating, moving our bodies and choosing our outfits, simple again. 

And now I’m here to help you do the same!

Your next step

Ready to feel confident and healthy without body and food fixation?

Getting and staying healthy shouldn’t feel like a full time job or like no matter what you do it’ll never be enough. It also doesn’t require you to change the shape of your body.

I’m here to show you an easy way that allows you to feel confident in your body, feel at ease around food and ready to say yes to what life has in store for you.

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Book Club

An intimate gathering of like minded women who are journeying together as they learn to love and accept their authentic selves. Each month we read and discuss a book pertaining to body + self acceptance.

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Pocket Coaching

1 week of 1:1 on-demand intuitive eating and body image coaching. Rent my brain and belief for a week to go from stuck to unstoppable in finding food and body freedom.

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MAIN course

Authentic Appetite

A 5-month 1:1 coaching program that provides you the roadmap to pause perfection and find peace with food and your body so you can become your most confident and authentic self!