About Ardelle

Hey, I’m Ardelle!

A red-headed Canadian with a deep love for avocados, natural living, sloths, Dolly Parton, dance, laughter and travel.

Somehow, graduating from high school with honours and a scholarship, working in construction, spending two years as a receptionist and eight years in a weight loss center, then graduating with honours from holistic nutrition and instructing at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition led me to owning a beautiful, heart-felt business where I guide ambitious but overwhelmed and exhausted visionaries to a life of physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health.

After spending years consulting and witnessing the harm of what society defines as ‘healthy,’ I knew there had to be a different way to communicate and pursue health. There had to be a way we could rewrite the script, offering ourselves a life of endless opportunities without the overwhelm. A life where we had the energy and health to tackle our to-do’s, goals and desires. One where we could transform how we feel and think without the sacrifice and restriction.

Some common themes amongst the hundreds of clients I have worked with:

  • Big goals, but little energy.
  • Desire to make a change, but no clue where to start.
  • A vision of what it would mean to be healthy, but a feeling it’s impossible.

I get you. I was there too.

I took a ride on that dieting roller coaster. I was brainwashed to believe that those six-pack abs would be the answer to all my problems. I was fear mongered into thinking I needed to get rid of every plastic item in my house and move to a deserted island to escape the toxins of our industrialized society.

But then something shifted.

I began to explore the question, “Am I happy? Does this path feel right? Is it even sustainable?” I knew I wanted to feel the best I could. I knew the choices I made everyday would make a difference. And that, right there, was my answer:


“When we quit trying to fit into an impossible mold and start with small, impactful changes, we can uncover what it means to be healthy – according to our own terms.”


Through the course of my own healing and wellness journey, I have come to love what nature has provided us. I’ve combined the healing aspects of nutrition and essential oils to enable clients to experience profound transformations.

I can’t wait to work with you on your transformation.

Want to know some random facts about me? 

1. I took Hip-Hop dance for one year in high school and would have loved to have continued. I dance any chance I get… good moves or not!

2. One year for Christmas my mother gifted my sisters and I each an instrument. (I think she secretly wanted a family band). My one sister got a piano, the other sister got a guitar and I got a harmonica…clearly, she knew that I lacked musical talent.

3. I was a massive drama kid in school. I was in a few productions such as Oliver, Ducktails and Bobbysox, Guys and Dolls and lead role in Footloose.

4. I have an adventurous side to me which I have fulfilled by going sky diving and bungee jumping. And if I hadn’t broke my pelvis in a motorbike accident, I’d do those things again in a heartbeat.

5. When I say I am obsessed with avocados it’s no joke. In fact, my friends planned an avocado themed 30th birthday party for me. I am now the proud owner of 3 pairs of avocado socks, 2 avocado Christmas ornaments, an avocado sweater and t-shirt, 3 avocado storage containers and 4 avocado utensils.

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