Ardelle Viau - Edmonton Nutritionist


I guide ambitious women through the process of breaking free from perfectionism and dieting so they can intuitively embrace healthy & abundant lives.

Health Beyond Nutrition

The health and diet industry thrives on you believing that you do not have the innate wisdom to know what is good for you. So they disguise their product as the solution to all your problems. And when that doesn’t work, they make you believe that you are the problem.

I firmly believe that we are all born with the gift of an inner compass that can steer us in the right direction. But we need to find that compass that has been buried under years of toxic messaging. With that innate wisdom, you will learn to heal your relationship with your body and know what food, tools, etc. are right for you.

Intuitive eating is a process of body trust and acceptance that leads to unconditional permission and with permission comes a greater sense of freedom.

Gentle Nutrition

The world of nutrition is full of arbitrary food rules. My extensive dieting history and education in holistic nutrition led me to a point of being obsessed with what I was and wasn’t eating. Then I found Intuitive Eating where I now guide myself and my clients through gentle nutrition which is healthy eating from a non-diet perspective.  It honours your body and taste buds in a more relaxed and sustainable way.  

Healthy Thinking

I get it. I felt this way too. I felt the only way I could be ‘healthy’ was spending hours in the gym and my entire paycheck on organic groceries. I felt natural products were only intended for hippies and my health goal wouldn’t be met until I looked like the ‘idealistic’ body type we find in beauty magazines. It didn’t matter if I felt healthy, just if I looked healthy…the way society defined it.

Balanced Living

Then I embraced the belief that health is a harmony of my physical, mental and spiritual state. I stopped compartmentalizing it into categories and started treating my body and mind as whole. I started with small, simple changes and soon I could feel the effects of those changes. I could feel my excitement for life again. With this newfound energy and enthusiasm, I could live out my passion and offer the world the true me.

I’m excited to take you on the same journey – a journey to better health and a more fulfilling lifestyle.

“Ardelle was patient, understanding and thorough! I feel like she truly understood what I was looking for and delivered. I had tried so many programs in the past but after working with Ardelle, I finally feel like I know how to listen to my body and give it what it needs.”

- Karen K



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